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If you are looking for the datasets for the big projects,  I stumbled across Bernard Bou’s SQLUNET where he has the MySQL  Workbench models hosted for the following:

  • wordnet
  • verbnet
  • propbank
  • framenet
  • legacy
  • bnc
  • sumo
  • xwordnet
  • glosslf
  • ilfwn
  • predicatematrix1
  • predicatematrix2
  • predicatematrix3
  • predicatematrix4
It’s always a good thing to find an enthusiast hosting valuable resources like this, because — and I’m certain i’m not the only one who has noticed — resources of amazing value and use can vanish overnight on University servers, never to be heard of again. Instructors leave, or retire, semester’s end, budgets are cut and there is apparently no regard for the research community who up until then had been supporting their efforts.


Grammar and Syntax

Languages and Language Families

Lexicography and Dictionaries

See also Lexical Resources on the Internet.


Pedagogical Resources


Semantics and Semiotics

Speech and Phonetics

Text Analysis and Corpus Linguistics


Electronic Text Centers

Digital Libraries

Text Collections

Dictionaries, Lexica, and Lexical Resources

Indexes and General


Individual Resources


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