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Writing Life

Books live lives, touch lives, they tether lives to the world. People who read your books are — sick in bed on sunny days — or sad because he’s out of town — or flying across oceans in cramped spaces — or anxious in the waiting room, eager to hear their daughter’s first cries or in a hospice bed being read to, listening, and for their last few minutes of life they are living again through your words, and the emotions you composed — feeling — breathing — connected to all that is the human experience — and holding on to your hand when they die…

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Dooms Day Clock Ticking

…read an article on Kelly (General) — Trump’s aide. What it told me is we basically have a President who has to have his news chewed for him, or he shits his pants.


Infographic: The Evolution of the Romance Novel

Romance has changed in small ways over the years, but not in significant ways as far as those points which define the genre. 

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The Russian Propaganda Model

texture-photographyRAND research as well as others like PEW research have put out their findings on the Russian propaganda tech. The Russian propaganda model is high-volume and multichannel, and it disseminates messages without regard for the truth. It is also rapid, continuous, and repetitive, and it lacks commitment to consistency.

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You Will Have an Emotional Connection — You Will

So many papers I’m running into that believe we are apparition!  I swear, if out of body living were possible, these folks would never come home. Some are great to read, but most are frustrating. Example, Papers with Studies attempting to disprove — by argument or empirical data — the reality of the emotional connection   with Fiction Novels. 

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Persuasion for Sex Appeal and Arousal

While everyone appears to have use for these gems, lately, it surprises me that Fiction writers don’t show more interest in Persuasion Techniques. Perhaps it is my pragmatic minimalist frame of mind which draws me to high volume, low cost techniques.

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Appeal to Fear

Let’s say that we show that:
Either P or Q is true.
Q is frightening.
Therefore, P is true.

And then Evoke the Freedom Compliance, mind set. How many more years could we have unqualified people running the government?


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Empathy Driven Choice

When people observe a conflict most are quick to side with one of the parties. Once a side has been taken, empathy with that party further solidifies this choice. Hence, it will be suggested that empathy is not neutral to judgment and rational decision-making. This does not mean, however, that the one who empathizes will necessarily have made the best choice.

Anthropology Technique

A Close Look at Hip Hop Rap


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Norms of Valence, Arousal, and Dominance

We hear it all the time, words have power. It’s said in the same tone of voice used to express warm fuzzes like ‘Follow your Dreams’ and ‘Don’t give up before the miracle happens.’ And there’s always a lot of overly white teeth involved.

The study resulted in the compiling of over 13k words, measuring them for their effectiveness to induce the reader in three ways, by the level of Valence experienced, the level of Arousal induced, and the level of Dominance felt.