The Psyop Writer

Collections of experiments leading to successes stuffed into large envelops, stacks of notes, and external drives filled with creations — they’re all over the house, the attic, under my nose when sleep crushes me prone. This will be the place I pull them together, and dump what isn’t required, dust off what has been forgotten, and clean out my dirty mind.

The posts may come across as bias. Read enough you’ll know that’s not the case. Like other mercenaries, hitmen and professionals I have no personal attachment other than the shot hitting the target.If you wish to learn, look for how it worked, not my motivation for making it work.

Posts will come erratic but at least once a week to start, and from there we’ll know what Sargent Time will allow, and what his jackboots will stomp to dust.Since we begin on Sunday, we’ll also continue, into the dark, into secrets, and minor clouds of panting breath.

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