Trust Nothing. It lasts longer

Belief bias ~ An effect where someone’s evaluation of the logical strength of an argument is biased by the believability of the conclusion.

As they say, nothing lasts forever. The speed of light is beyond our ability to reach, and yet the speed of dark is much faster. What I desire, more than a season or weather, is the comfort of being strangers, at least to myself. I was brought up in a home where the matriarchs strove to build on sand. They acted in concert to bring everybody apart, tearing the whole family that was once a compact groundwork into a whole new design — ugly and non-structured. For years I struggled to understand, to make sense but found none.Eventually, I walked away from the perception of motivation. It was. That’s it. It just was. Ir was a thing of Nature. And having lived in the depths of Nature, I understood it to be viscous and wanted me dead.

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